Hallway Noticeboards

A narrow hallway or long corridor can be the perfect space for a noticeboard.

In this Hallway Noticeboard Edit, I have selected 12 pinboards, blackboards and whiteboards, all perfectly designed to help with your hallway decor and organisation.

Use a hallway noticeboard to grab last minute reminders, notes and lists before you leave the house. As well as being useful it can also bring colour and interest to a small space that might not have room for other decorative items.

If your space is very narrow, hang your noticeboard above coat hooks or a radiator, or on a wall that will be behind a door when it's open - this will mean that you don't knock it as you pass!

As with all noticeboards, each of these recommendations can be painted any frame colour you want from a choice of 100+ shades, and come as cork pinboards, magnetic whiteboards or blackboards.

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