Bedroom Noticeboards

In the Bedroom Noticeboard Edit, I have selected 12 pinboards, blackboards and whiteboards, all perfectly designed to help with your bedroom decor and organisation.

A bedroom noticeboard can be useful for younger people who need to use their bedroom for play or study as well as rest, so it's great to add a noticeboard and create a zone for work or self expression. Alternatively, for those bedrooms used solely for rest and dressing, a cork pinboard can be an excellent jewellery organiser, as a vision board to set your mood and inspirations for the coming year or season, or simply as a decorative space for an easily updated display of favourite pictures and keepsakes.

As with all noticeboards, each of these recommendations can be painted any frame colour you want from a choice of 100+ shades, and come as cork pinboards, magnetic whiteboards or blackboards.

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