Children's Noticeboards

A children's noticeboard is an essential for both decorative and practical purposes.

In this Children's Noticeboard Edit, I have selected 12 pinboards, blackboards and whiteboards, all perfectly designed to help with the decor and organisation of a child's playroom or bedroom.

As a way to create colour and an ever changing display for rapidly developing children, they are fantastic. In addition, they provide a vital organisational tool: for displaying work or learning sheets, storing school notes and forms, or saving favourite pictures.

Choose as big as possible to create a wall of stimulation, or give each child a noticeboard of their own (with their own name or initial, or painted in their favourite colour), so that they can curate and organise their own noticeboard.

As with all noticeboards, each of these recommendations can be painted any frame colour you want from a choice of 100+ shades, and come as cork pinboards, magnetic whiteboards or blackboards.

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