Christmas Order Notice

Deliveries no longer guaranteed for Xmas
15 Nov 20
My order book is filling up, and UK stock shortages of the Traditional style frame material means I can only honour Christmas deliveries in this style via my Ready To Ship page. This does not apply to orders already placed (prior to 15 November).

If you aren't sure what any of this means for you, please contact me - I will reply asap!

I have added all available traditional style noticeboards to my Ready To Ship section. Anything in my Ready To Ship section is available right now and for dispatch within 3 working days of payment. In addition, many of the notice boards listed are available to be custom painted in any colour you want.

If you were hoping to buy a notice board as a gift, I have also listed Gift Vouchers to try and avoid disappointment - again see my Ready To Ship section for details.


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